Build websites with Go.

What does it do?

Fragmenta CMS lets you build websites quickly because it takes care of all the scut work which is common to every website - user login, pages, blog posts, etc, and lets you get on with the bits which are unique to your app (or just use the basics provided). You can get started in seconds:

Fragmenta sites somewhere between Rails (a web app framework), and Wordpress (blogging software) - it combines the quick start and simple UI of Wordpress with the flexibility of a framework like rails, which lets you build your own backend to suit your users. For an example app built with Fragmenta recently, see the new Golang News website, or the one you're reading right now.

With a simpler Admin UI than wordpress, and straightforward templates and styling, fragmenta stays out of your way and lets you create a custom website for your clients quickly. Run it locally to let you edit the styles, and then deploy simply with one command.

What doesn't it do?

Fragmenta tries to stay out of the way as much as possible, and is a set of libraries rather than a framework which assumes you will use all the modules together. So below is a list of what it doesn't do.


All you need is a database (Mysql or Postgresql - at present most testing has been done using postgresql), and the go language version 1.8 (a binary download will be available soon too). See the installation instructions.