4 reasons for WordPress

You ask yourself why 4 points are enough to explain why WordPress is the best Content Management System (CMS) for your website, while all the others need 10, the most daring among them still need 9 reasons?

The answer: We want to save your time. Everything you need to know about WordPress, why WordPress is the right CMS for you and what advantages it has for you, in short and concisely summarized for you. And now let’s go. Don’t waste any time.

WordPress is simple

Let’s start with the first reason why WordPress is the best CMS. WordPress is by far the most popular CMS on the market. With a market share of about 65% WordPress is by far the market leader in this field. And this mainly for one reason: It is good? Yes, exactly. But much more important: It is simple.

And this is perhaps the most decisive of all advantages of WordPress: Anyone can use this CMS. No coding knowledge is necessary. Without having to learn HTML, PHP, or Javascript, you can create your own website and publish content with WordPress.

Because of its user-friendly interface WordPress can be used by anyone who knows MS Office or similar programs, after a short instruction. WordPress can be used by several users at the same time. So you can define additional users with different user roles who work with you on your website. Work with your team by creating content or polishing the design. Through the different roles you can define different competences within WordPress. So everyone can only change what you want.

Also important: the price. WordPress is an open source system and therefore the use is basically free of charge. Free of charge? Yes correct! But more about that later.

WordPress is flexible and looks good

You want a second argument why WordPress is the right CMS for you? No matter how big your company is or how comprehensive and complex your website should be. No matter what industry you come from or if you “only” want to publish a blog: WordPress makes it possible for you to create a suitable website.

You can easily customize the look of your website with ready-made themes or create your own themes with coding work. WordPress offers you a lot of possibilities for editing your website. 44.000 different extensions and plugins with various functions are available to customize your website.

With plugins you can add additional functionality without having to do a lot of programming.

For example, you can enable interaction between users and you or between users. This starts with the possibility to include videos or use the comment function to invite users to stay on your site as long as possible. In addition to the plugins, you can use individual themes to design your website in the corporate design of your project, company or blog. Furthermore, your WordPress website is responsive.

This means that the content is also optimized for mobile devices (cell phone, tablet, etc.). Even the WordPress backend is responsive. So you can even edit the content of your website on the go. Always make sure that you only use the plugins that are really necessary so that your site is not unnecessarily bloated. When choosing your theme you should also make sure to use a “light” theme.

This way your website will not load too long. Better even: you program your individual theme and/or have it programmed so that you don’t have to carry unnecessary ballast with you. You see: WordPress is a real all-rounder and therefore the right CMS for you!

Search engines love the CMS WordPress

Oh yes, they do! And not just because WordPress looks so good. With WordPress the inner values are convincing, too. Originally developed as software for blogs, it was important to the makers of WordPress right from the start to adapt the websites optimally to the needs of Google and Co.

This is still optimized today. WordPress is well suited to adapt websites to the algorithms of the search engines of Google and Co. and ensures a better ranking than other content management systems. With additional plugins for search engine optimization and good content, the performance and thus your ranking at Google and Co. can be further improved.

If you are familiar with programming and know how to use the possibilities of WordPress, you have a decisive advantage. Through lean web design and effective coding you can improve the technology. Whoever is familiar with programming and knows how to use the possibilities of WordPress has a decisive advantage. Through lean web design and effective coding you can improve the technology.

The loading time of your website is an important indicator for the search engines around Google. You can combine the good preparatory work of WordPress with individual web design to improve the ranking at Google and Co.

WordPress can do E-Commerce

E-Commerce with WordPress? How is that possible? We like to bring light into the dark. With the plugin WooCommerce you can extend the CMS with a store function, so that WordPress becomes a full-fledged store system.

However, in order to comply with the German legal regulations, a few measures still need to be taken. For example, we use the plugin WooCommerce Germanized to create the basis for legal security.

You also have the possibility to use functions like vouchers or discount campaigns. Different payment providers such as Paypal or Klarna can be integrated so that customers can store online as usual.

In addition, an enterprise resource planning system can be connected to WooCommerce in order to synchronize the data from the store and always be up to date. Therefore, WooCommerce is especially suitable for small and medium sized stores that want to start without much effort to test and start their e-commerce business. As you can see, on this basis you have a good starting point to turn websites into a store.

Our conclusion to “Why WordPress”?

  • The open source system is not by chance the clear leader on the CMS market. Not only that it is basically free of charge, but also that it comes with comparatively low basic costs in practice.
  • The download is free of charge. You only pay a monthly fee to your hosting provider of your choice, so that the site can be hosted there. Additional costs are incurred for various plugins or themes.
  • There are many free and paid plugins and themes – it all depends on what you want.
  • With an interface that is easy to use even for beginners, the CMS is suitable for beginners as well as professionals. The web design can be easily transferred to the system and adapted.
  • In addition, you can easily extend your WordPress page and further optimize your code by individual work on your web design. With plugins and themes WordPress gives you a lot of tools to get active and creative and to optimize your web design.
  • There are no limits. From blog to corporate website, the CMS system can display everything and has decisive advantages over the competition. So why WordPress is a good solution becomes more and more obvious.

How can we help you?

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The focus is on easy handling and performance. We can also support you with our know-how in the area of SEO to catapult your website to the top with good web design and good loading time on Google and Co.

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