a golang web framework

If you're a developer and prefer to get started from source and develop more sophisticated web apps with golang, you can still use fragmenta to get up and running quickly on new projects. Install the fragmenta command line tool with go get github.com/fragmenta/fragmenta. You can then use the fragmenta command in terminal to generate a website, run an existing website, or generate scaffolds for new resources. At present fragmenta migrations and backup tools have been tested only in Postgresql, but it will soon support Mysql too.

To generate a new CMS website:

  1. fragmenta new cms mypath/mywebsite to generate a new CMS website at mywebsite
  2. cd mypath/mywebsite
  3. fragmenta server  to start the server.
You can find out what other commands to use with the fragmenta tool by typing fragmenta help
For further details of the libraries available with fragmenta, see the docs page.